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TOSA Digital

Measure and certify the digital skills of your students

Improve the employability of your students

Being able to demonstrate a mastery of digital tools through a recognized certification is a major asset for students . It permits to prove their skills to recruiters. The TOSA assessment is also a way for students to become aware of their level and the work they need to do.
The TOSA Digital allows you to assess and certify their level on all digital skills:
  • TOSA DigComp: A comprehensive test of the digital skills described in the DigComp framework defined by the European Union.
  • CAD / CAD tools (coming soon): Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.

The link between training and work

Used by 5000 companies, schools, and training organizations in 30 country , TOSA Digital is the digital skills assessment standard.
TOSA DIGITAL tests include MCQs interactive activities, and true software and operating system manipulations in "real-life" situations..

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Available subjects

TOSA Digcomp Test

The test is available in English, Dutch and French. It includes various activities and direct manipulation of softwares, files and the operating system. The test covers the following areas defined by the DigComp Digital Competence framework:

  • Information and data literacy
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Digital content creation
  • Safety
  • Problem solving

Photoshop Test

The test is avalaible in English and French. It includes various activities and multiple choice questions. The test covers the following areas:

  • Interface, workspace, and fundamentals
  • Geometry and image corrections
  • Masks
  • Graphical functions and effects, export and automation
Free test on Indesign

Indesign Test

The test is currently only available in French (COMING SOON IN ENGLISH). It includes various activities and multiple choice questions. The test covers the following areas:

  • Interface, workspaces, and databases
  • Text
  • Images and graphical objects
  • Preparation for printing

Illustrator Test

The test is currently only available in English and French. It includes various activities and multiple choice questions. The test covers the following areas:

  • Interface, workspaces, and databases
  • Work with objects
  • Specific functions
  • Production

How does it work?

TOSA DIGITAL is a modular tool that integrates easily with your curriculum:
  • Each test is standalone :
    You choose the relevant certification subject(s) according to your program.
  • The tests are adaptive and fail-safe :
    You set the expected score according to your program.
  • The tests are accessible online :
    No configuration or prior installation.
    Students can take the certification on their personal computers (in an exam room).

Import students and register them to tests on the online administration tool.

TOSA assessment test
Initial positioning to identify progress axes and build level groups.
Deliverables: skills report, group report

In classroom or e-learning
Deliverables: TOSA pedagogical reference

TOSA assessment test
To measure progress and practice before certification
Deliverables: skills reports, progress reports

TOSA Certification exam
Taken under exam conditions in your institution
Deliverable: digital certificate valid for 3 years with a score of 1000 to be reported on the CV

Easy integration using our LTI connector

Our platform has an LTI interface allowing it to communicate with your LMS. The integration of TOSA assessments and certifications into your LMS can therefore be done in a simple and transparent way. LTI is an international standard adopted by all major LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, EDX, IMS Global...).

The types of questions

TOSA DIGITAL assessments include:
  • many interactive activities (connect elements, drag and drop ...),
  • ergonomic MCQs,
  • questions based on the real manipulation of applications and of the operating system.
The questions are based on "real-life" scenarios and are created by the best experts in each field.
Operating system question

Operating system question

Photoshop question

Sample MCQ

Free trial of the platform

The TOSA Digital certification exams

The TOSA Digital certification exams are the leading certification exams on Digital Skills. The exams can be taken online or in approved exam center. They deliver a score on a 1 to 1000 scale. The TOSA Digcomp exam covers digital skills in general (using Internet, devices, social networks, security...).

The TOSA Excel certification exam deployed for our 3 Accounting-Control-Audit (CCA) students allowed us to meet expectations, expressed by our partners in the accounting and auditing profession, a thorough mastery of spreadsheets. It helps to further increase the employability of our graduates with its rewarding and differentiating character. François Lantin, Associate Professor, Head of Accounting and Audit Expertise, iaelyon School of Management - Jean Moulin University

Schools and universities from 12
Countries are using the TOSA Certification exam

More than
schools and universities
use TOSA solutions

available questions and exercises

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