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TOSA Digital

A tool dedicated to your digital trainings

A complete range

TOSA Digital makes it possible to position and certify a learner on:
  • The digital skills described in the framework repository and defined by the European Union through the TOSA DigComp test.
  • CAD/CAD tools: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.
TOSA DIGITAL tests include MCQs, interactive activities, and real applications and operating system usage

Assess and certify

Being able to demonstrate the skills of a learner through a recognized tool on digital skills is a major asset for a training organizations.
  • The assessment reliably and accurately diagnoses learners' level and allows the trainer to build their level groups.
  • The certification is the final exam. It makes it possible to concretely validate what has been learned, and to value the effectiveness of training.
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Available subjects

TOSA Digcomp Test

Available in English, Dutch, Spanish and French, this test includes various activities and direct manipulation of software, files, and the operating system. The test covers the following areas as defined by the DigComp Digital Competency framework:

  • Information and data literacy
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Digital content creation
  • Safety
  • Problem solving

Photoshop Test

The test is available in English and French, and includes various activities and multiple-choice questions, covering the following areas:

  • Interface, workspace, and fundamentals
  • Geometry and image corrections
  • Masks
  • Graphical functions and effects, export and automation

Indesign Test

This test is currently available in English and French only. It includes various activities and multiple-choice questions, covering the following areas:

  • Interface, workspaces, and databases
  • Text
  • Images and graphical objects
  • Preparation for printing

Illustrator Test

The test is currently only available in English and French only. It includes various activities and multiple-choice questions covering the following areas:

  • Interface, workspace and fundamentals
  • Work on objects
  • Specific functions
  • Production

How does it work?

TOSA DIGITAL is a modular tool that easily integrates with your training programs:
  • For each test, there is a pedagogical reference document:
    You can build preparation courses tailored to the certification exam
  • The tests are adaptive and fail-safe :
    Each learner passes the same test without having to worry about the initial level and everyone obtains a certificate.
  • The tests are accessible online :
    Assessment are taken online and have no specific protocol.
    Certification exams are taken in your premises or if your client is a corporate, in its premises.

You register your students for the tests you want (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook ...)

TOSA assessment
Initial positioning test to identify gaps and build groups of homogenous levels.
Deliverables: individual report, group report

You deliver specific training adapted to student's level
Deliverables: TOSA pedagogical references

TOSA Certification
Taken under exam conditions according to the TOSA protocol
Deliverables: score on a to 1000 scale and digital certificate valid for 3 years

Progress report
Report (individual or group) highlighting the progress of each learner

Easy integration using our LTI connector

Our platform has a LTI interface allowing it to communicate with your LMS. The integration of TOSA assessments and certifications into your LMS can therefore be done in a simple and transparent way. LTI is an international standard adopted by all major LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, EDX, IMS Global, etc.).

Precise results

The assessment report

The assessment report

  • Overall level from 1 to 5 (Initial to Expert)
  • Positioning against a target level
  • Skills mapping on 4 sub-domains
  • Summary of mastered skills / areas for improvement
  • Ranking of the candidate in relation to other test takers
TOSA Certification

The diploma

  • Digital certificate delivered by email and valid for 3 years
  • Score on a 1 to 1000 scale and corresponding level
  • Validity of the diploma can be checked online
  • Referenced certification on LinkedIn
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Becoming a TOSA® Approved Testing Center

All organizations wishing to deliver TOSA® certifications on site must become a TOSA Approved Testing Center. To do so, the organization must have the infrastructures and qualified personnel to administer industry certifications on site.

    The process to become a TOSA® Approved Testing Center includes:
  • An initial site visit conducted by Isograd
  • Execution of a TOSA® Approved Testing Center Agreement
  • A half-day training session for Isograd’s testing platform administrators and TOSA proctors
  • Annual site visits conducted by Isograd

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The types of questions

TOSA DIGITAL assessments include:
  • Interactive activities (connect elements, drag and drop, etc.)
  • MCQs (multiple-choice questions)
  • Questions based on the real manipulation of applications and the operating system (in-application)
The questions are based on "real-life" scenarios and are created by the best experts in each field.
Operating system question

Operating system question

Photoshop question

Sample MCQ

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