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Organize your programming contest
to find the best developpers

What is a coding contest?

Isograd hosts coding contests for its customers (job boards, recruitement agencies, software publishers, event organizers...). Coding contests enable hundreds of developpers to compete simultaneously. Contestants must write programs to solve challenges of increasing difficulty. The platform executes the contestant's code instantly and checks for a successful result.

Avalaible programming languages

Identify future talents

  • Assess developers on the most commonly used programming languages: PHP, JAVA, C#.net, C/C++, Ruby, Python
  • Ensure that the developers you hire have the required skills and that the selection process is fair and objective.
  • Compare developer candidates in key programming areas.

Improve your employer brand image

  • Use an innovative and unique technology to communicate and improve your employer brand image.
  • Hosting a coding contest can increase awareness of your company via mentions in: press articles, social media, prize-giving.
  • Engage your community, get in touch with previous job candidates that may now be looking for a job opportunity.

How does it work?

Prior to the contest

ISOGRAD offers a full contest hosting solution : online system (candidate coding interface, administrator back-office) challenge creation, technical support and community management. We will advise you on the best timing for the promotion , the communication actions required and the contest prizes to get the maximum number of contestants.

Our technical experts will help you to arrange the contest details (proposed languages, number of questions, etc) and will create new challenges for the contest.

Manage contestant registrations and the results via our back-office platform which can be branded with your company colors and logo. An API enables the back office to interface with your candidate management system.

Contestants register for the contest in a frame that we provide and that you can easily install on your website. Contestants can upload their CVs and specify if they are entering the contest for seeking job purposes or for fun. Contestants can then access the previous contests to familiarize themselves with the system.

The contest

The contest is a series of coding challenges of increasing difficulty. The challenges are identical in all programming languages. The contest is usually open for two or three hours. Each contestant gets an individual user ID and password and can code on our platform or use his usual IDE.

The ranking

  • Before a contestant can move onto the next challenge, he/she must solve the previous one,
  • Challenges increase in difficulty
  • The contestant who solves all the challenges first is the winner.

Mains specifications :

  • The contest is 100% on line and starts at a specified time – standard length: 2 hours
  • The contest can be taken in many programming languages: the contestant selects the programming language during the registration process
  • 4 to 8 new challenges are created for each contest
  • Technical support and community management are available during the contest (email, Twitter feed, real-time leaderboard)

After the contest

The challenge solutions are usually published one day after the contest on the Isograd website. You get unlimited access to our platform to view the results:

  • Detailed contestant rankings (overall, by programming language)
  • Access to contestant contact details and information, as well as the code written for each challenge.

You can contact the candidates and start the recruitment process!

They put their trust in us

Ensemble nous avons organisé la ‘BattleDev’, un concours de code en ligne pour permettre aux entreprises de recruter les meilleurs développeurs. Nous avons choisi Isograd car ils étaient les seuls à proposer des tests sur 7 langages de programmation. La deux premières éditions ont été des succès, et c’est un plaisir de travailler avec les équipes d’Isograd.

Loic Leterrien
Responsable Développement, ‎Regionsjob

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