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TOSA CODE is for any company seeking to recruit developers or lead a community of developers.

Assessment tests make it possible to quickly and accurately determine the technical skills of a developer.

Code contests can bring together thousands of coders and offer algorithmic challenges invented by the best French specialists.

Recruit faster

TOSA Code assessments include a development environment in which the candidate can write code, run it, and analyze the results. They are available on the most used programming languages ​​(Java, C#, PHP, SQL, HTML5 / CSS / Javascript).

In each language, our database includes dozens of exercises to create tests of different levels. We can also integrate your own exercises or your MCQs to deliver a test perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Available languages

PHP Test

The test focuses on PHP 5 and is available in English and French. The PHP exercises focus on the following areas:

  • PHP core languages and functions
  • Applied PHP
  • PHP objects, patterns and design
  • Algorithms

Java Test

The test focuses on Java/J2EE and is available in English and French. The Java exercises focus on the following areas:

  • Applied Java (files, databases...)
  • Java core language
  • Java objects and design
  • Algorithms

C# Test

The test focuses on the C# language and is available in English and French. The C# exercises focus on the following areas:

  • Applied C# (files, databases...)
  • C# core language and functions
  • C# objects and design
  • Algorithms

HTML5 Test

The test is currently only available in French (COMING SOON IN ENGLISH). The test focuses on the technologies required to design a website. The HTML5 exercises focus on the following areas:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • PHP integration (optional)
Free test on Angular

Angular Test

The test is currently only available in French (COMING SOON IN ENGLISH). It includes MCQs on the following skills :

  • Language basus
  • Architecture, components directives and pipes
  • Dependancy Injection and modules
  • TypeScript (surensemble Javascript)

The levels tested


The exercises correspond to a professional use of the language for developers with 1 to 3 years of experience.

Senior Developer

The number of exercises is lower but they are more complex. The test is suitable for developers with 3 to 5 years of experience.


The exercises focus on the most advanced features of the language. They are aimed at technical / expert referent profiles.


Select the questions that best fit your project in our question database. Add your own exercises or MCQs to get an assessment that exactly matches your needs.

TOSA Code assessment tests

The TOSA Code assessment tests allow, without any installation on your computer, to provide candidates with a complete development environment in which they will be able to write and execute code. At the end of the test, a detailed report analyzes the skills of the candidate and displays the code written on each question.

Java Exercise

A complete development environment

The code editor has advanced features like syntax checking and auto-completion. It allows to execute the code and see the result. In case of error, the system clearly indicates to the candidate what has not worked in his code.

Answer analyses

Detailed results

The TOSA system can generate many reports for both an individual or a group. Reports display candidate code, results obtained as well as an analysis by skill: the system defines the skills associated with each exercise and determines sub-scores by skill.

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Create your own code contest

You want to animate a community of developers? You want to boost your employer brand vis-à-vis developers? The code of contest makes it possible to create a fun and technical event which can gather several thousands of developers. Large companies, job boards, event organizers mused the TOSA Code solution.

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