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Excel Visual Basic Test

The online test is available on VBA Excel 2010, in English and French. It can be used to assess new job candidates or to identify training needs. As the test is adaptive, it can also be used to gauge candidate progress after completion of an Excel VBA training course. Questions are accompanied by images and videos. Some questions include in-application testing in which the candidate is asked to program in VBA within Excel.


The test covers the candidate's knowledge of VBA-related objects, all types of collections that contain objects such as workbooks, sheets, rows / columns, cells, graphics, etc. It also deals with notions of object members, and in particular properties and methods. It alsio includes questions on variables and the different types of variables.


This category specifically tests the candidate's ability to code in Visual Basic on Excel. A number of questions are also questions of manipulation that ask the candidate to write code. The test covers, among other topics, conditions, loops, error handling, and also events.

ActiveX dialogs, forms, and controls

The candidate will be tested on his knowledge regarding ActiveX controls, simple dialogs (MsgBox and InputBox) in Visual Basic Excel, but also Userforms (Construction with different controls, display, events and usage).

Environment and debugging tools

This last category concerns the creation of custom functions in VBA in Excel, on the different windows of the editor (properties, spy ...), Stop instructions, debugging step by step, error handling ... It also covers the creation of add-ins, and code protection.

VBA assessment test sample question
Demo Assessment Certification exam
  • 10 questions
  • Average completion time: 8 minutes
  • Taken online
  • Level on a 1-to-3 scale
Take a demo test
  • 20 questions
  • Average completion time: 30 minutes
  • Taken online
  • Immediate skills report
  • 25 questions
  • Time allotment: 60 minutes
  • Taken online via our remote proctoring system (coming soon)
  • Diploma sent within 5 business days
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