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Skills assessment test on Adobe Photoshop

This online test is available in English and French. It can be used for recruiting purposes, to assess training needs, or to assess the efficiency of a Photoshop training program. It tests candidates’ proficiency in the use of Photoshop and delivers a score on a scale of 1-to-1000. The test contains images and videos as well as questions in which the candidate performs actions directly within the various software applications. The questions test 4 different skill areas:

Interface, digital workspace and basic fundamentals

The questions in this category cover the creation, opening and saving of new documents. They also include digital graphics, the structure of an image, colorimetry and formats. Keyboard shortcuts must also be known or even mastered.

Geometry and image corrections

The candidate is tested on his/her knowledge of cropping and editing images, how to use adjustment layers, and how to apply artistic retouching. Advanced tabs options are also used.

Silhouetting, masks and photomontages

The candidate should demonstrate his/her abilities to organize the layers, the overlays of the visuals, and the modes of fusion of the layers. The questions also involve combining the merge masks with the layers, as well as changing the properties of a mask.

Graphic functions and effects, exports and automation

The candidate is assessed on his/her level of proficiency in applying filters, layer styles, and using settings. The widely used file formats are known, and the creation of elaborate visuals is mastered. The candidate is familiar with exporting for different media requirements.

Photoshop assessment test sample Photoshop
Demo Assessment Certification exam
  • 10 questions
  • Average completion time: 8 minutes
  • Taken online
  • Level on a 1-to-3 scale
Take a demo test
  • 25 questions
  • Average completion time: 30 minutes
  • Taken online
  • Immediate skills report
  • 35 questions
  • Time allotment: 60 minutes
  • Taken online via our remote proctoring system (coming soon)
  • Diploma sent within 5 business days
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