Web design skills assessment, HTML, CSS, Javascript tests and coding exercises

    The test focuses on the technologies required to design a website: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery.. Questions are presented as coding exercises: the candidate needs to write some code that achieves some objectives presented in the question. The code is then executed and an HTML page is generated and analyzed.

    Individual questions or the overall test can have a time limit. When an overall time limit is set, the candidate can navigate between the various exercises.

    Tests are built by selecting questions from a database of approximatively 60 questions dealing with the following subjects.


    Exercices in this category deal with HTML5 tags (<article>, <section>, ...) but also with integrating audio and video content, forms, encoding, history management.


    Questions in this category cover CSS3 from basic rules up to advanced selectors. Many questions deal with the "box-model" (padding, border, margin), box positionning (float, fixed, relative, absolute), animations and transitions. Basically, anything that can be done in CSS can be a question subject !

    Javascript / JQuery

    Exercises in this category will deal with Javascript : syntax, control structures, objects, arrays, functions. Another group of questions deals with

    the JQuery framework (selectors, forms, ajax query...)

    Embedding PHP

    Test may include embedding PHP exercises where the candidate will have to use PHP to generate dynamic content within an HTML page.

    Demonstration Assessment test
    • 4 questions
    • Average completion time: 8 minutes
    • Taken online
    • Level on a 1-to-3 scale
    • 10 questions
    • Average completion time: 30 minutes
    • Taken online
    • Immediate skills report

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