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TOSA DigComp assessment

This online test is available in English, French and Dutch. It can be used for recruiting purposes, to assess training needs, or to assess the efficiency of an IT skills training program. It tests candidate proficiency in various IT-related areas and programs and delivers a score on a scale of 1-to-1000. The tests contain images and videos as well as questions in which the candidate performs actions directly within the various software applications. The questions test 5 different skill areas:

Hardware and the operating system

The questions in this category cover the Outlook interface, ribbon, navigation pane, folders, inbox, customization of Outlook features, the out-of-office assistant, printing options, data management, archiving, creation and customization of accounts, sharing and delegation, and the use of an RSS feed.

Softwares and files

This category tests a candidate’s knowledge of the most popular software types and their associated applications (spreadsheet, word processing, etc.). The questions also cover the various license types and their legal ramifications.

Digital networks & communications

This category analyzes the abilities of a candidate to understand basic network concepts and connection methods, virtual community concepts (social networks, online conferencing, chat, etc.), as well as many aspects of e-mail.

Digital security

The category tests the candidate’s knowledge of security threats, the use of anti-malware applications, and best practices for using the Internet safely in the handling of information and data, regardless of the context (email, social networks, etc.).

The Web

Candidates should demonstrate their capacity to use and configure a browser, identify different types of websites, perform efficient searches and assess the relevance of search results, and use different Web tools: download files, use images and forms, etc.

TOSA DigComp skills assessment test sample question
Demo Assessment Certification exam
  • 10 questions
  • Average completion time: 8 minutes
  • Taken online
  • Level on a 1-to-3 scale
Take a demo test
  • 25 questions
  • Average completion time: 30 minutes
  • Taken online
  • Immediate skills report
  • 35 questions
  • Time allotment: 60 minutes
  • Taken online via our remote proctoring system (coming soon)
  • Diploma sent within 5 business days
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