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Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Our off-the-shelf Recruitment product line is dedicated to assessing:
  • Digital skills (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, digital literacy, coding)
  • Language skills (English, French)
  • Clerical skills (typing; writing; alphabetical, numerical and chronological order sorting)
Multiple assessment methods are available with various result formats (success rate, proficiency level, etc.) in order to meet all needs.

Detailed reports will allow you to select the most appropriate profiles.

The benefits of TOSA platform

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Your Custom Tests

1. Build your tests using our 14,000+ question data base

Adjust the following settings, and more, to meet your needs:
  • Define the question selection mode (adaptive, systematic, random, etc.).
  • Select from specific items in our question bank (over 14,000 questions)
  • Define passing rate
  • Adjust the allotted test time
  • Configure the type of result/score and report format

2/ Register your candidates in a few clicks

You can input candidates manually, or import a file. It only takes a few minutes before your candidates have access to their tests. The platform has several features (personalized invitation emails, groups by level, etc.) which makes your life easier, even with a very large number of candidates.

I was recruiting for an executive assistant position and really wanted to screen applicants based on their computer skills. Because the process was so easy, I was able to screen over 50 applicants and narrowed it down to 7 people for in-person interviews. It was well worth the money I spent to get the most qualified applicant for my position.Janine Weihe, Director of Operations
Metropolitan King County Council


More than 5000 training centers, schools, universities and corporate customers use our solution.