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Happy New Year 2018 !
We hope 2018 will be a year of great happiness and success for you. Have a wonderful new year !


ISOGRAD provides technical environment for Société Générale world’s contest

On December 19th, Societe Generale organizes a code contest where employees, including 8 countries represented, will compete simultaneously. Developers will have 2 hours to resolve 7 code exercises created by TOSA Code Contest team.

Good luck to all participants !

Meet us at the JNSAE !
On November 15th, in Quebec will take place the 5th edition of the National Day of Companies's services (JNSAE). This event is organised by Formation Quebec en Réseau.

Isograd canadian team will be there all the day and will present all TOSA assessment and certifications solutions.

TOSA certifications recognition
The new publication of official training lists recognized by COPANEF (French organization), give to TOSA certifications a recognized status until December 31, 2019.

Source: Mon Compte Formation

A university diploma to prepare TOSA Excel and VBA certifications
Certification TOSA, already present in Montpellier University for students, is now available for companies’ employees. The Management University of Montpellier, propose to employees, during training formation, to obtain experts competences on Excel softwares. Theses formations last 150 hours with 1 day per week, from January to June. At the end of this training, they will obtain the university diploma and TOSA certifications on Excel and VBA softwares.

We hope that the results by this new public will exceed one Montpellier’s student who obtained 999/1000 !

More information on this diploma : here