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  • Certify

    TOSA sets the standard in the field of certification for computer and digital skills. TOSA certifications deliver a score on a scale of 1 to 1,000, based on scientific assessment methodologies, that the candidate can add to their resume.

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  • Remote proctoring

    ISOGRAD has been dedicated to supporting remote assessment and certification of students, trainees, and employees since 2015 with our remote proctoring services. TOSA continues to be the preferred assessment and certification solution for online, distance learning.

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  • Assess

    Assessments are a key element of both training and recruiting. TOSA tests cover numerous computer and digital skills. They are interactive and deliver a detailed proficiency report for individualized learning and evaluation.

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  • Code

    TOSA Code assessments provide quick and accurate measurement of developer coding skills. The online code competition allows thousands of developers to compete against each other in a playful way during internal or external events.

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TOSA Desktop

A full range of certifications and assessments tests on office applications (Microsoft Office, LibreOffice).


Tosa Digital

A range of certifications and assessments on digital skills and Adobe® tools.


Tosa Code

Tests on the main programming languages ​​(Java, C #, PHP, and more) and a code contest platform.


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TOSA Certifications

TOSA certifications are designed for employees, students, and job seekers to validate theire skills by displaying a numerical score between 1 and 1000 on resume or online profiles. They are suitable for all types of users from occasional users to experts.

TOSA certifications are taken under exam conditions in one of our 1,400 authorized centers in 12 countries or via remote proctoring services. TOSA certification exams are government recognized in France, UK (CPD Standards) and the Netherlands.

TOSA Desktop certifications

TOSA Desktop provides skills certifications for major office software:
  • Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • LibreOffice (coming soon): Calc, Writer and Impress

TOSA Digital certifications

TOSA Digital certifications cover digital literacy (TOSA DigComp) and Adobe Creative software Cloud® skills.
TOSA DigComp is compliant with theEuropean DigComp 2.1 framework.

TOSA assessment tests

TOSA assessment tests are used to rank an individual's skill level before training or recruitment.
Assessments are available in three different skills segments: TOSA Desktop, TOSA Digital, and TOSA Code Assessments are taken online and do not require any donwloads or installations.

Skill analysis

A complete automated diagnosis

  • Global positioning and by competence on a 5 level scale
  • Detail of the progression path
  • Result arre comparable to an objective (profile / job)
Test flow

A test that adapts to the level of the candidate

  • A unique algorithm for selecting adaptive questions
  • 12,000 interactive multiple-choice and in-application questions covering activities, software handling, and/or programming exercises
  • Item Response Theory (IRT) mathematical scoring model
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