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Before TOSA

How much does it cost to take the TOSA exam?
Number of certification exams* 1 TOSA® 2 TOSA® 3 TOSA®
Standard price 79€ ATI 148€ ATI 198€ ATI

How long is the test?
The TOSA exam is limited to 60 minutes but the average time is 43 minutes.
Can I practice on line before the test certification?
Yes, you can practice on line thanks to a short test available here in our website. This free and rapid evaluation before the certification will give you a score estimation (scale of 0 to 300, 300 to 600 and 600 to 1000).
For Whom the certification is aimed at?
The certification is for anyone - employees, jobseekers, students - with a desire to ascertain their proficiency in commonly-used software applications.
Where can I take the TOSA exam?
  • The TOSA exam is delivered year-round and on demand in test centers. Find all the test centers here!
On which browsers can I take the test ?
  • Eligible browsers are Internet Explorer version 10 or higher, Firefox version 40 or higher , Chrome version 40 or higher, Safari version 6 or higher.
Can I take the test on iPad ?
  • You can only take the tests on Office 2013 on iPad. Yet we recommend the use of a desktop computer or a laptop to benefit from a larger screen.

TOSA exam

What are the test conditions?
  • Exam given in a TOSA®-approved centre
  • Candidate connects to the TOSA® exam website
  • Candidate views a brief introductory video
  • Candidate completes the test in under one hour
  • Candidate receives his TOSA score
How does the TOSA Test work?
The exam is a multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ) of 35 questions. Questions can be either a video or a text or a screen shot.
On which software version can I take the TOSA?
The available software tests are Word, Excel and PowerPoint in version 2007, 2010 and 2013, in French or in English.
Can I take the test several times?
The registration for the TOSA allows you to take the Exam once. But you can register and reschedule an appointment to take the TOSA exam all the times you want.

TOSA Score

How is calculated the score?
The difficulty level of the test questions fluctuates according to the answers given by the candidate as the test progresses. This methodology provides a very accurate assessment of candidate knowledge. The accuracy of the test is assured by the fact that question difficulty levels were determined not arbitrarily. A question was considered difficult if few test-takers were able to answer it correctly and it is discriminating.
What is the explanation of the TOSA score?
  • Expert 876-1000: The candidate possesses complete, extensive knowledge of software features and functions. He knows multiple methods for completing a given task. Productivity is optimal
  • Advanced 726-875: The candidate possesses thorough knowledge of the software including advanced features and functions. Productivity is excellent
  • Operational 551-725: The candidate possesses knowledge of the main software features and functions
  • Basic 351-550: The candidate possesses knowledge of basic software features and functions and can complete simple tasks
  • Beginner 1-350: The candidate has limited knowledge of software features and functions and does not use the software efficiently or productively

After the Tosa

After I take the TOSA, how soon will I know my score?
The score (1 to 1000) is immediately delivered after the test exam. The certificate is sent by email within 5 days after the exam and the proceedings examination verification.
How can I verify my score?
To check the validity of the TOSA® score provided by a candidate, you have to enter his TOSA® certificate number and declared score below in our website. The certificate number is located on the bottom right of the certificate
For how long the score is valid?
The score has a validity period of 3 years.
What are the advantages of adding a TOSA score on my resume?
By listing the TOSA® certification on your resume, you can improve your employability and marketability by guaranteeing your mastery of the software applications most commonly-used in their activity sector.
How should I write my TOSA score on my resume?
The TOSA® score can be listed on a resume in order to highlight software proficiency as :