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Software experts

Doug Robbins (Australia)

  • Doug Robbins has worked as a consultant on Microsoft Office tools for nearly 25 years. He was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional status in 1997 and has maintained this status ever since.
  • Doug serves as an independent expert for corporate clients (Grant Thornton, BHP Billiton, Deloitte) in the creation of customized tools that employ Microsoft technology.

Matt Zandstra (United Kingdom )

  • Matt Zandstra has worked as a Web programmer, consultant and writer for a decade. He has been an object evangelist for most of that time.
  • Matt is the author of SAMS Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours (three editions), and contributed to DHTML Unleashed. He has written articles for Linux Magazine and Zend.com. Matt works primarily with PHP, Perl and Java, building online applications. He is an engineer at Yahoo! in London.

Marina Mathias (France)

  • Marina has worked as a trainer for over 20 years, specialising in Microsoft Office products. A certified Microsoft Office Specialist, she has been awarded the Microsoft MVP (Office) status in 2001.
  • Author of numerous reference books on Microsoft Office (PowerPoint 2010: The Complete Guide, Office 2003), she is a fixture in Microsoft Word discussion forums and maintains a website addressing topics discussed in the forum.

Jean-Louis Goubert (France)

  • Jean-Louis Goubert has been a Microsoft Office trainer for over 20 years.
  • He is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist. Moreover he is the designer and webmaster of a Microsoft Office support website.

Translation expert

Sue Ellen Mason (United States)

  • Sue Ellen lives in New York and has worked in France and Mexico in Marketing and translation
  • She is graduated from Pace (NY) in Information Systems Management and from the famous French Business School HEC in Marketing. She is actually following a cursus in New York University (NYU) in translation
  • Sue Ellen also works on a voluntary basis for French and Spanish immigrants in New York. She masters Microsoft office

Technical expert

Fabrice Nebbia (France)

  • Fabrice is graduated from French University Lyon-I in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • He was responsible for a small enterprise during 9 years and is currently consultant for small companies on their computing project
  • He is regularly developping tools for Microsoft office softwares