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TOSA Certification

What is it?

Valuing your skills

The TOSA Certification is for everyone: students, employees, and jobseekers. TOSA delivers a score on a 1 to 1,000 scale without fail, allowing any person to validate their skills on their resume. The result of the test is determined using a scientific scoring method.
The tests include MCQ (multiple-choice questions) and in-application software manipulations in "real-life" situations.
Certifications are taken under exam conditions in an authorized center
, or via remote proctoring services.

A company-endorsed certification

Used by more than 5,000 companies, schools, and training organizations in 30 countries, TOSA is an international standard for assessing digital skills. TOSA certifications are formally recognized in multiple US states, the UK (CPD Standard Office), France (CNCP) and the Netherlands (Exameninstrumenten MBO). As TOSA is setting the digital skills assessment and certification standard, there are TOSA exam centers in 12 countries and many of the certification exams are available in 6 languages (French, English, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Dutch).

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The TOSA certification exam

TOSA certification exam is the standard for measuring digital skills.
There are two product offerings: TOSA Desktop and TOSA DIGITAL.

The tests are adaptive, safe and independent of each other.
The exam takes place in one of the TOSA exam centers or via Isograd’s remote proctoring services and is validated with a proficiency-based score between 1 to 1,000.

The exam takes place in one of the TOSA exam centers or via remote proctoring services. It is validated by a score on a 1 to 1000 scale.

TOSA remote proctored certification

TOSA has been disrupting the industry norm since 2010 and setting a new standard for digital skills assessments and certifications with its innovative adaptive testing and IRT scoring methodologies. In 2015 Isograd introduced remote proctoring services, once again raising the bar, and setting the industry standard. Exam sessions are recorded and transferred to Isograd for review, which provides added flexibility by enabling TOSA assessments and certifications to be taken whenever it is most convenient.

Isograd is dedicated to supporting the assessment and certification of students, trainees, and employees whether that be in the classroom, on-site, or remotely. Our cloud-based system consistently provides the most in-depth and accurate digital skills analysis.

TOSA continues to be the preferred choice for educators, trainers, and L&D professionals as organizations around the world are adjusting their programs to include online, distance learning.

The TOSA flow

TOSA flow

Becoming a TOSA® Approved Testing Center

All organizations wishing to deliver TOSA® certifications on site must become a TOSA Approved Testing Center. To do so, the organization must have the infrastructures and qualified personnel to administer industry certifications on site.

    The process to become a TOSA® Approved Testing Center includes:
  • An initial site visit conducted by Isograd
  • Execution of a TOSA® Approved Testing Center Agreement
  • A half-day training session for Isograd’s testing platform administrators and TOSA proctors
  • Annual site visits conducted by Isograd

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The TOSA certification exam can be taken in more than 1,400 testing centers around the world. Use the search below to find your closest testing center.


Price list

Certification exam pack

1 certification exam

Certification exam pack

2 certification exams

Certification exam pack

3 certification exams

Certification exam pack

4 certification exams

These recommended retail prices correspond to the price of a certification taken by a candidate in an exam center. Discounted rates are available for training organizations and schools/universities. These discounts increase based on volume. Please contact us for more information.

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A robust and reliable methodology

  • TOSA tests are adaptive: the difficulty of the questions evolves according to the candidate’s answers
  • The scoring calculation method is based on the Item Response Theory (IRT), and provides reliable and accurate results.

The questions

With several thousands of questions available, each TOSA test is unique and gradually adapts to identify the candidate's skill level.
The interactive questions are asked in the form of MCQ (multiple-choice questions) and exercises to be performed directly in the application(s).

PowerPoint question

Sample MCQ

Excel exercise

In-Application exercise example

Free trial of the platform

Accommodations for candidates with disabilities

Time extension

Our testing platform includes a time extension feature. The allotted time for a TOSA certification can be adjusted depending on the candidate’s exceptionality and/or the local regulations.

Visually impaired candidates

TOSA certifications are available in a version that is specifically designed for visually impaired candidates. Our testing platform is also compatible with common web browser accessibility extensions.

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