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Custom assessment and certification exams

The principle

Isograd, thanks to its unique online methodology and platform, is able to offer third party professional clients customized tests for their field of expertise. Third parties can benefit from Isograd’s proprietary technology and create certificates and tests specifically designed for their competency area.

Why choose ISOGRAD?

  • Leverage Isograd unique technology and methodology -- an industry frame of reference.
  • Manage your testing candidates via our back-office platform.
  • Customize your test parameters: test subject, question algorithm, question type, result type, reporting.
  • Use scientific methodologies based on advanced mathematical models to compute the score of your candidates.
  • Several economical models available.
  • Benefit from the Isograd quality assurance and test review process.
  • Isograd technical support is available for your candidates during the test.

How it works?

The test questions

Your questions are entered into our system by our team. We work with you to develop question editing guidelines. Each question will be reviewed by our team to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

Questions can be either open questions, MCQ, linking or classification, drag and drop, psychometric (on a scale from 1 to n), list, or in-application which require the candidate to use the tested application (if the test subject is an application) to answer the question.

We define together the adequate algorithm to select the questions (adaptive, sequential, decision tree, systematic) and the scoring methodology to compute the result.

Once the test has been taken a few times, the difficulty level of Isograd tests is statistically calibrated.

Test Parameters

Every test parameter can be customized, from the introductory screen that the candidate sees, the type of navigation between questions, the results screen, the test duration, etc.

The Testing Session

The Isograd back-office platform offers many features to manage your testing candidates: group creation, import/export data from/to Excel, creation of reminder e-mails, report delivery and customization, set up of test sessions, remote proctoring, etc. Isograd technical support is available to you as you use the back-office platform and is also available to testing candidates as they take the test.

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