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An Individual

Certify your skills and highlight them on your resume!

A Corporation

Hire the best candidates and identify your training needs.

A Training center

Determine your students' current skill level and tailor your training. Demonstrate their progress.

A School / University

Optimize your Microsoft Office courses and improve student employability.

A Recruitment specialist

Verify candidate skills before presenting them to your clients.


IT skills Assessment

Our tests enable you to assess the proficiency level of a candidate on desktop applications or programming languages. Our adaptive method and the operational approach of the questions will match your needs for all types of candidates (students, employees, future recruits) and for any type of situation (recruitment, training). Finally, a powerful reporting tool will allow you to analyse results and access to detailed skills reports.
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Certification exam

The TOSA certification exam is the European leading certification exam on desktop applications. It is available on TOSA Office and TOSA Digital Skills tests. The certification exam delivers a score on a 1 to 1000 points scale and the candidate can add his score on his LinkedIn profile. To prepare your learning courses and try to get a maximum score at the TOSA exam, you can ask for our Assessment Domain Documents or check the e-learning paths proposed by our partners.

Assessment services

Isograd proposes to use its technical and methodological knowledge associated to its assessment platform in order to help its customers to design their own assessment tests and certification exams.

Coding contest

Find the best developers, improve the image of your company, develop your community by organizing coding contests. We provide a fully integrated service that includes candidate registration, coding challenges and results display.

An offer adapted to your needs

All our packs can be used for assessments on any of the TOSA products family:

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  • Skills per job managementprice_arrow
  • Advanced candidate management (Excel Import, groups...)price_arrow
  • Flexible test parametersprice_arrow
  • Logo on skills reportprice_arrow
  • Custom candidate emailsprice_arrow
  • Technical supportprice_arrow


1 test
  • 1 access

$87  excl. VAT

3 tests
  • 1 access
  • Mail

$214  excl. VAT

10 tests
  • 2 access
  • Mail

$483  excl. VAT

30 tests
  • 3 access
  • Mail

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Who are we?

TOSA is the standard in IT skills assessment and certification. It covers desktop applications (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook), digital skills and programming languages (PHP, Java, C#, HTML5...). The TOSA certification has been developped by Isograd. Use by more than 800 universities and companies over more than 30 countries, the TOSA certification exame provides a precise and reliable skill measure and enable candidates to value their skills during their career.

Twitter & News

Happy New Year !


We hope 2016 will be a year of great happiness and success for you. Have a wonderful new year !

Outlook 2013


Assessment tests and certification TOSA are now available on Outlook 2013 in french !

More information here.

TOSA officially recognized in the UK !


TOSA certifications have just received CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation !

CPD Standards Office is a private organization whose goal is to recognize training and learning activities at the national level. All English employees can thus use the TOSA certification as part of their training activities.

Since this summer and the opening of the first authorized center in London, several training organizations have offered TOSA in the UK.

The Battle<>Dev is back !


Once again, RegionsJob appealed to expertise of ISOGRAD for the technical part of Battle<>Dev.

The TOSA Code Contest team created 5 dev exercices with increasing difficulty. To solve these algorithms, developers can choose among 8 programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, HTML and Node.JS).

In this eighth edition, nearly 2 000 developers will compete simultaneously for 2 hours. Throughout, the account dedicated @TOSAcodecontest will give live information.

Developers, at your keyboards ! And don't forget to be in front of your screen on November 8 at 20h !

Information and registration at the BattleDev here.

Students from the Netherlands spend TOSA!


The University of Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands has chosen the TOSA certification to validate the office skills of its students.

On November 4, it will be over 1500 students who pass TOSA certification on Excel.

ISOGRAD provides technical environment for Société Générale world’s contest


On October 21st, Societe Generale organizes a code contest where more than 600 employees, including 8 countries represented, will compete simultaneously. Developers will have 2 hours to resolve 7 code exercises conducted by TOSA Code Contest team.

Good luck to all participants !

Want to test your skills for free ?


We have signed a master agreement with Isograd to enable the French GRETA regional network to assess and certify their skills on desktop applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint). The specific test on each software application and the adaptive algorithm provide the best measure of the progress of the trainings session attendees.

François Hisquin,
Professional training advisor, Ministry of Education (Versailles Academy)