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The TOSA certification exam
validates Microsoft Office skills

What is it?

The leading certification exam on desktop applications relying on an innovative technology

  • There are certification exams on each of the following software applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • The ceritification exams deliver a score on a 1 to 1000 scale.
  • In the UK, the TOSA Office certifcation exams are a CPD accredited activity (CPD Provider 50077)
  • In France, the National Committee on Professional Certification (CNCP) has officially registered the TOSA® certification in the National Registry of Professional Certifications (RNCP) since 2015.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals who want to improve their CV
  • Companies wishing to train their staff and value their skills
  • Professional training center who want to optimize their training
  • Schools and universitites to develop employability of their students

On which softwares?

TOSA certification exams are avalaible on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on versions 2007, 2010 and 2013 (2010 only for Outlook) in English, French on english version of the software and French.

How does it work?

Exam details

  • 35 questions
  • Maximum duration: 60 minutes
  • Taken on line through our remote proctoring solution (coming soon)
  • Diploma sent within 5 business days

Adaptive testing

  • An adpaptive algorithm selects questions difficulty according to candidate answers
  • MCQs focused on useful functionalities
  • Exercises involving in application testing

What is it?

Level Score Description
Initial Between 1 and 350 points The candidate's knowledge of this application is very basic, and not adequate for the work environment.
Basic Between 350 and 550 points The candidate can complete basic tasks with this application. Training is needed to learn its more advanced functions and features.
Operational Between 550 and 725 points The candidate can perform advanced tasks with this application, but a more in-depth knowledge of it would improve his productivity.
Advanced Between 725 and 875 points The candidate possesses thorough knowledge of this application and uses it very productively.
Expert Between 875 and 1000 points The candidate is an expert in this application and possesses thorough knowledge of its functions and features.
PowerPoint 2010 skills analysis

Find the target TOSA score for a given job

An offer adapted to your needs

$66  inc VAT

1 software
  • Example : TOSA Excel 2007

$123  inc VAT

2 softwares
  • Example : TOSA Excel 2010 and TOSA Word 2010

$165  inc VAT

3 softwares
  • Example : TOSA Excel 2013, TOSA Word 2013 and TOSA PowerPoint 2013

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They put their trust in us

Our students take each year the TOSA certification exam on Excel. This really adds value to their profile. They often need to demonstrate theirs skills on their resume as it is the case with the TOEIC on English.

Martin Kamguen
Director of studies for Master and MBA at INSEEC Paris